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Lockdown Laura

Laura Kelly

Lockdown Laura Kelly's leadership devastated Kansas businesses, schools and families.


An Economic Disaster


fewer jobs

Kansas has recovered less than 80% of the 157,400 jobs Kelly destroyed during pandemic shutdowns.


in job recovery

Kansas ranks 44th out of 50 states in pandemic job recovery according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


in economic growth

Bureau of Economic Analysis data shows Kansas ranked 48th of 50 states in economic growth in 2021.

1 in 3

small businesses closed

Laura Kelly’s lockdowns shuttered 32.4% of Kansas small family businesses.

Among the worst

state economy

According to an independent analysis of state economic growth.

An Education Disaster

42% surge

in suicide-related hospital visits

In Lawrence-Douglas County alone, children in the middle school age range of 11 to 13 years old saw a 42% increase in the number of visits related to suicidal ideation in 2020.

Exterior of hospital showing an emergency room sign
Photo of an empty classroom


teacher jobs remain unfilled

The worst teacher shortage in Kansas state history.

Child wearing a mask

A Constitutional Disaster

Blocked by Kansas Board of Education

Board members rebuked Kelly’s one-sized-fits-all solution as “problematic” and said Kelly should be “listening to the doctors, not the politicians” when making decisions about reopening.

Blocked by Kansas state legislature

Kelly later tried to keep extending statewide mask mandates, including in schools, until the state legislature stopped her.

Derek Schmidt and Katie Sawyer

Kansas Common Sense for Governor and Lt. Governor